Events & Retreats

I host yoga events, such as the Yoga and Pizza, Day Retreats in London and workshops throughout the year, as well as residential retreats a couple of times a year. 

These are all wonderful opportunities to take care of your body and mind, relax and learn some new poses or perhaps, refine your technique.

There is also something else that motivates me to bring retreats and events to you.  

I find they allow us to bring to life the true meaning of Yoga: UNION. 

My vision for yoga events and retreats is centered around creating an inclusive experience for everyone, one where we go beyond the traditional boundaries of a yoga class and place a strong emphasis on human connection, community building, and lasting friendships. In a world where individual experiences often dominate, my aim is to break down the barriers that can make a yoga class feel isolating.

Upcoming Events & Retreats:

The best way to find out about upcoming events and retreats is via my newsletter, you can sign up here.