About Gandha

Daughter of a yogini, Yoga has been in my life since the very beginning.

Mum and dad travelled around India before I was born and fell in love with its culture and with Yoga too, hence why, despite being Italian, I have not only one, but three indian first names. Yes… 3!

When I was a child both my parents used to teach yoga aside from their other jobs and I was often brought into the studio, quietly observing the evening classes, not knowing much about why people where upside down or contorted in strange positions, but it soon become normal.

As a teenager I occasionally appeared at mum’s classes but my flexibility wasn’t great, I could barely touch my toes in a forward fold (despite years of ballet classes during childhood) and that was frustrating!

It wasn’t until I moved away from home that I found a real interest and passion for Yoga in London. After 6 years of regular, dedicated practice, I decided to enrol on a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with YogaLondon. The intention was to deepen my knowledge and be my own teacher, but half way through the course I felt the desire to teach grow more and more and I have been teaching full-time since straight after my graduation. Check out my blog post about how the transition (almost magically) happened.

Aside from Yoga, my other big passions are nutrition and healthy living. I was brought up eating a sugar free, vegan diet until the age of 6, after which I was strictly vegetarian until just a few years ago when I started to integrate some fish in my diet. The passion for healthy nutrition and wellbeing showed during adolescence, reading plenty of books and articles on the subject and experimenting delicious recipes in the kitchen for the joy of family and friends.

I now want to share the love for Yoga and wellbeing with you!

I love teaching carefully sequenced yoga flows, that work on building strength and stability in the body in a logical, smart, unrushed way.

You can practice with me at any of my classes and join me on London day retreats and longer retreats. I also teach my students privately 1:1 and I am available to teach at your work place (online or in person).

If you want to know more reach out through my contact form.