Nourish & Flow: a yoga and nutrition retreat

A London Day Retreat to harness the power of yoga and nutrition and support mindful eating.
In collaboration with Nutritional Therapist Julie Willford
Saturday 24th June 2023
10am to 5pm in Chiswick, London

Take a break and join us on this Yoga and Nutrition Day Retreat. 

A wonderful opportunity to look after your physical and mental wellbeing, calm the mind, connect with others and learn more about healthy living. 

Sometimes we all need a break to relax, recharge and rest. This retreat will bring you just this, allowing you to leave feeling uplifted, refreshed, rejuvenated and nourished!

We’ll start the day with a mindful tasting session: an exercise in mindfulness that involves paying close attention to the sensory experience of eating. It’s a practice that encourages you to be fully present in the moment and to engage all of the senses while savouring the flavours, textures, and aromas of the food.

Mindful eating can be a great way to cultivate a deeper appreciation for food, as well as to develop a greater awareness of your own eating habits. By practicing mindfulness during meals, you can learn to slow down, savour each bite, and truly enjoy the experience of eating. It can also help you to make more informed food choices, as you become more attuned to your body’s hunger and satiety signals.

A well rounded yoga practise will follow and after we will have the pleasure of enjoying a plant-based, colourful, highly nutritious buffet-style lunch that Julie will expertly prepare. This meal will be an opportunity to experience mindful eating. It will feature a diverse selection of dishes to choose from (a sample menu is provided below) and you will be able to craft a plate that satisfies your personal taste, preferences, and dietary requirements.

Once we’re done with lunch, we will take a refreshing walk to Chiswick House – a gorgeous 18th-century villa surrounded by a 65-acre park with several lakes, waterfalls and gardens. Walking after a meal is great for digestion and helps the body absorb the nutrients from the meal. 

Back from our walk, Julie will share her knowledge of food and nutrition and answer questions you may have. 

A relaxing afternoon yoga session will follow to end the day. 

Brief overview of the day: 

  • Mindful tasting session
  • Morning yoga practise (vinyasa) 
  • Lunch
  • Walk in nature
  • Nutrition talk
  • Afternoon yoga practise (gentle + nidra)
About Julie:

Julie Willford, Registered Nutritional Therapist, BSC (Hons) Dip BCNH CNHC mBANT

Julie is a practitioner of evidence-based nutritional therapy, utilising the functional medicine approach in her practice. 

She’s one of the most passionate foodies I have ever met and cooks like an absolute goddess! 

Her food creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also packed with nutrients that promote well-being and nourish the body and mind. 

Sample menu*
  • Roasted sweet potato and tomato tart with cashew and basil pesto 
  • Roasted caponata and cannellini beans
  • Stuffed baby peppers with walnuts and sage
  • Beetroot falafel
  • Cabbage slaw
  • Quinoa nut burgers
  •  Green salad, apple, avocado and fresh herb salad with yogurt dill vinaigrette
  • Various breads 
  • Sea salt brownies
  • Pumpkin bundt cake with a vegan caramel sauce 

*Please note that this is just an example and food may be different on the day

Limited spaces available. To book click the link below and I will be in touch with payment details. The cost of this day retreat is £89 and it includes food.