London Day Retreat 26/02/2023

Yoga meets Cacao for a unique heart opening experience.

A celebration of senses, a day dedicated to your heart. Yoga meets the sacred ceremony of cacao, for a wonderful day exploring movement, stillness, taste, connecting to the true self, creating space for you in this busy life.

The day will start at 11.30 with a welcome meditation followed by a 90 minutes well rounded yoga practise with focus on heart opening.

We will then take a short walk to our lunch venue and in the afternoon we will be guided by Iren from RawBonBon into a Cacao ceremony and Yoga Nidra to relax, invigorate and open the heart. The session will start by sharing a meditative cup of High Grade Ceremonial Cacao while Iren will explain about the ‘heart opening’ properties of Cacao and how to use this wellbeing medicine. You will learn how to use Cacao a potent and gentle plant based medicine.

Then as the Cacao works its magic you will lie back and relax and Iren will guide you through a yoga nidra designed to compliment the effects of the Cacao. Stress hormones can cause us to stop trusting ourselves, stop trusting our intuition, stop trusting in the future. Once we begin to open our heart the energy makes its way to the heart centre – this is the centre of wholeness, oneness and the centre from where we create.

Time: 11.30am to 5pm

Venue: St Deny’s hall by St Nicholas’ Church in Chiswick W4 2PH

Price: £89

To reserve your space, simply email me or use the contact form on the website.

Find out more about Iren and RawBonBon through her website and instagram.