London Day Retreat 25 FEB 24

Heart Harmony

A Day of Yoga and Cacao Exploration for
Mind, Body, and Soul

Sunday 25th February 2024

10am to 5pm

Riverside Studios, Hammersmith 

Immerse yourself in a celebration of senses, a day devoted to nurturing your heart.

Join us as yoga intertwines with the sacred ceremony of cacao, guiding you through a transformative day of movement, stillness, taste, and connection to your true self—a sanctuary amid the chaos of life.

The day unfolds at 10am with a welcome meditation, paving the way for a 90-minute, well-rounded yoga practice with a special emphasis on heart opening, led by Gandha.

Following this, we will enjoy brunch with Thames views at Riverside Studio’s Restaurant and take a walk along the river afterwards.

In the afternoon, the journey continues with Iren Merdinyan from Cacao Connexion, who will guide us through a Cacao ceremony and Yin Yoga practise — an experience designed to relax, invigorate, and open the heart. The session commences with a meditative cup of High Grade Ceremonial Cacao, during which Iren shares insights into the ‘heart opening’ properties of Cacao, revealing the gentle potency of this plant-based medicine.

As the magic of Cacao unfolds, you’ll recline and relax, guided by Iren through a yin yoga crafted to complement the effects of the Cacao.

Stress hormones, often causing a loss of trust in oneself and the future, gradually dissipate. Opening our hearts, the energy flows to the heart center—the seat of wholeness, oneness, and the source from which we create.

A Yoga Nidra session will close the afternoon practise, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and restored. 

Sunday 25th February 2024

10am to 5pm

Riverside Studios, 101 Queen Caroline St, W6 9BN, Hammersmith, London


£89 per person

Includes all yoga, ceremonial cacao, food and a hot drink of choice