Expansive Heart

10 week online course

A 10-week online yoga course designed to guide you through a journey of backbends. 

Learn a sequence of postures that systematically prepare your body for backbends. Starting with warming sun salutations, you’ll progress to foundational poses like cobra, upward facing dog and wheel with emphasis on technique and options to suit all levels and meet you where you are at.

Develop a graceful flow that connects movement with breath, enhancing the fluidity of your practice. The accessible pace ensures you can move and breathe comfortably.

Benefit from a comprehensive sequence dedicated to releasing tension and enhancing flexibility in your shoulders and upper back. This foundational work supports safe and deeper backbends.

Beyond the physical aspects, the course encourages an emotional connection through heart-opening poses, fostering a sense of release and expansion.

By the end of the “Expansive Heart” course, you’ll have developed a deeper understanding of backbending postures, improved upper body strength and flexibility, and a heightened sense of emotional well-being.

The course starts on the 19th September 2023.

The investment is £99 for the 10 weeks and it includes class replay available until 30th November 2023. 

Join me live on zoom Tuesdays 7pm London time, or practise in your own time with the class recording.