Core Vitality Vinyasa

10-Week Yoga Journey to Energise Your Spine and Posture

Started Tuesday 2nd July 2024

If you have missed the start of the course, you can still sign up below and receive the recordings of the classes you have missed and the link for the live classes still to come

Join me on a 10-Week Online Vinyasa Yoga Course to enhance your posture, strengthen your core and create more space and freedom in your body. 

Dive into invigorating sequences that incorporate movements in all directions: twists, side bends, backbends, forward bends, and gentle traction to promote flexibility and resilience of the spine.

Imagine a practice that strikes the perfect balance between detailed, nuanced techniques and a steady, mid-paced tempo. This harmonious blend ensures you can explore each posture deeply while maintaining a continuous, fluid movement.

Benefits of This Course:

Increase strength and flexibility throughout your entire spine and core, support a healthy posture and promote mind-body-breath connection. 

Join us on this journey to a stronger, more flexible, and balanced you.

The investment is £99 for the 10 weeks and it includes class replay available until the end of September 2024.

Join me live* on Zoom Tuesdays 7pm London time from the 2nd July 2024, or practise at your convenience with the class recording.

*While most classes will be live on Zoom, some will be pre-recorded instead